CEIU National Convention – Day 2 – Friday, September 8th, 2023

Day 2 of Convention started off with Sharon DeSousa addressing the delegation, in her role as the PSAC National Executive Vice-President.  Talking of how, after the trusteeship, CEIU has worked to build a much stronger component of the PSAC and of the lessons learned.


The Finance Resolutions Committee was invited on stage to present their Report.


The prepared budget for the years 2024, 2025 and 2026 was presented by delegate Chima, one of the two co-chairs of the Finance Resolutions Committee. 


The National President opened the floor for questions and debate on the presented budget of 2024-2026.  Delegates lined up to the mics to ask questions or for clarification.


The following referrals were adopted and sent to the Finance Resolutions Committee for consideration:


  • That the employee special consideration line be increased to $9,000 from $7,500.


  • That the family care line be increased to $45,000 from $30,000.


  • That the dues be reduced to 0.625% from 0.732%.


A motion to increase the strike top-up to $75 per member, per day, from the present $50, was defeated.


A further motion, asking for a recorded vote when the time comes to vote on the adoption of the budget was adopted. 


A group of Indigenous delegates were invited to the stage to share details on the “Search the Landfill” campaign. They also drummed and sang the power song as well as traditional Indigenous songs. They invited convention participants to contribute to the campaign and a group photo was taken.


The Nominations and Elections Chairperson, Sharon DeSousa announced two new nominations that she had received in addition to the ones that were announced the previous day.  Those were as follows:


For the position of National Executive Vice-President:

  • Sargy Chima, nominated by Eddy Bourque and seconded by Farid Tourkmani
  • Lyle Gall, nominated by Dhaval Shah and seconded by Wickna Selvaratnam


For the position of A/National Executive Vice-President

  • Adam Murphy, nominated by Lisa Flaherty and seconded by Cindy Evans


The observers were allowed time to speak and provide comments on the day’s session.


The 2nd day of Convention ended at 4:30 p.m.




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