Elections, where needed, are now all complete, and CEIU is happy to provide our membership with a list of the delegates that will be attending the 2021 CEIU Convention to represent them. 


This will be the 1st virtual convention for CEIU, which is not the same as an in-person convention, but as we have done since the pandemic has started one year ago already, we will adapt and do the necessary business that convention will bring. 


Both the members of the current National Executive as well as those members newly elected to begin their term after the 2021 CEIU Convention, are automatic delegates to the 2021 CEIU Convention.  These 24 delegates are as follows:


  • National President – Eddy Bourque
  • National Executive Vice-President – Crystal Warner
  • NVP for IRCC – Paul Croes
    • Incoming NVP - Helen King
  • NVP for IRB – Christine Price
    • Incoming NVP – Tricia Green
  • NVP for Human Rights – Sebastian Rodrigues
  • NVPs for Women’s Issues – Lynda MacLellan and Jodi MacPherson
  • NVP for BC/YT – Vanessa Sandsmark
    • Incoming NVP - Sargy Chima
  • NVP for Alberta/NWT/Nunavut – Arlene Ewaniuk
  • NVP for MAN/SASK – Chris Gardiner
  • NVPs for Ontario – Travis Lahnalampi, Paula Woodcock
    • Incoming NVPs - Phil Matheson and Ann Marie KaurSingh
  • NVP for NCR – Jacques Perrin
  • NVPs for Québec – Fabienne Jean-François and Lyne Cartier
    • Incoming NVPs: Judith Côté and Annik Beamish
  • NVP for NL/NS – Debbie Morris
  • NVP for NB/PEI – Rhonda Rumson



As per CEIU By-Law 11, sub-section 11.9.5, the eight (8) members of the current National  Human Rights/Race Relations Committee (HRRR) as identified in By-Law 15 are automatic delegates to the National Convention.  These eight (8) members are as follows:


  • Lorraine Boyce
  • Rocky Bourgeois
  • Farid Tourkmani
  • Judy Phillips
  • Rod Cunningham
  • Susie Blyth
  • Alex Brill
  • Genie McDougall


And, as per CEIU By-Law 11, sub-section 11.9.1, each region is entitled to delegate representation at the National Convention based on a formula of one (1) accredited delegate for each one hundred and fifty (150) members and major portion thereof in good standing in the region.  Listed by regions below are the names of these delegates, which total 131 delegate seats:

View the list of delegates by region here