CEIU demands better working conditions for Immigration Board members

CEIU/PSAC members working for the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB), have complained for several years regarding the deterioration of their working conditions. 


Refugee Protection Division decision makers often referred to as commissioners, have judicial independence which allows them to judge each asylum claim fairly. However, there are now reports of interference from federal managers who wish to accelerate the evaluation process. 


This is an unacceptable practice, which hinders the autonomy of the commissioners. 


“This problem is complex and multilayered—it is also not unique to the Quebec region. Performance and decision-making pressures from management is a long-standing issue at the IRB” says Crystal Warner, CEIU National Executive Vice President. 


Aside from interference, the increase in workload for commissioners remains a major issue. This represents a failure by the employer to protect the mental health of their employees.


“These issues are not new. The IRB is ignoring the opinions of their employees, who have been complaining about this situation for several years,” says Eddy Bourque, CEIU National President. 


CEIU has filed a complaint against the IRB for violation of the Canada Labour Code.