CEIU National Newsletter : From the Ground Up


Dear Members,

Welcome to CEIU’s national newsletter, entitled “From the Ground Up”.

This newsletter is the first newsletter issued from National Office at CEIU and is part of our ongoing efforts to support you at the local level and to better communicate with our members about important national files, updates on different actions, and sharing information that will hopefully be inspiring to you. Its name was chosen to represent the power of the grassroots and to be reminded that this union starts with you!

This newsletter is more than a publication; it is an organizing tool for you and are intended to help build our union from the grassroots – use them to spark conversations, mobilize members and get ready for possible job action in coming weeks or months.

Please look for printed copies of this newsletter at your local and share it widely!

You can find electronic copies of the newsletter archived on this page.

Volume 1 Number 1 - January 2020

Volume 1 Number 2 May 2020


Volume 1 Number 4 - January 2023