Fifty Million Dollar Payout to CEIU Members

In response to grievances filed in 2008, hundreds of CEIU members working at Service Canada have been given new job descriptions that reflects the work they have been doing for years, and will be receiving retroactive pay going back, in some cases, to 2006.

This is the largest classification payout, at approximately $50 million, in known history to CEIU members. CEIU is pleased that affected members, the vast majority of whom are women, are finally being recognized for their work.

Service Canada informed CEIU, during a meeting on February 18th, that present incumbents of positions related to that of Program and Service Delivery Officer (PM-01) are entitled to retroactive pay as of their appointment date. CEIU is following up with Service Canada in order to determine the date on which the salaries of present incumbents of the positions (CR-4 to PM-01) will be adjusted, that being the first step before retroactive amounts are paid out.  

Service Canada also confirmed that members who have filed grievances in relation to this issue will receive retroactive pay for the periods where they worked. CEIU and Service Canada will meet soon to validate their respective lists. Then, CEIU will forward the information to the Locals.

During the February 18th meeting, Service Canada also informed CEIU that it did not intend to provide retroactive pay to members who permanently left their positions before September 13th, 2018 (the date of when the new job description was signed by management) and did not file a grievance.

CEIU does not agree with this decision and made it known to Service Canada at the same meeting. CEIU is already working to make Service Canada reconsider its decision.

Continue to consult the CEIU website for further updates on the issue.

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