Elections for Alternate National Vice-Presidents (NVP) and Alternate Delegates to the CEIU Convention

With the deadline date of April 15th now passed to receive nominations for A/NVP positions and alternate delegates, the CEIU National Office would like to start by congratulating the three (3) candidates that were acclaimed to Alternate NVP positions:


Vanessa Miller – acclaimed as A/NVP for BC/YT

Charito Humphreys – acclaimed as A/NVP for MAN/SASK

Charlene Arsenault – acclaimed as A/NVP for NB/PEI


No nominations were received for the position of A/NVP for IRB.  Another Call for Nominations for this position will be sent in the next few weeks.


With the nominations received for the other A/NVP positions, CEIU will be holding elections starting on April 29th and ending on May 6th.


Below is the list of A/NVP elections to be held with the name of the candidates for each of these elections:


  • A/NVP for Alberta/NWT/Nunavut – Sabino Spagnuolo and Brenda Todd


  • A/NVP for Ontario – Miriam Colfax, Lyle Gall, Sara Johnson, Scott McIntosh, Wendy-Ann Moulton and Stephanie Screech


  • A/NVP for Québec – Nancy Boudreau, Lorraine Boyce and Jessica Mathieu


  • A/NVP for NL/NS – Norm Mugford and Melissa Thomas


  • A/NVP for Human Rights – Lorraine Boyce, Sarita Censoni, Charmaine Nelson, Tony Nicolas and Kelly Sidhu


  • A/NVP for IRCC – Linda Delaney, Carolyn Locke and Sabbir Umaji


  • A/NVP for Women’s Issues, Eastern Region – Megan Butterill and Carolyn Locke


  • A/NVP for Women’s Issues, Western Region – Elizabeth Crosby, Sara Johnson, Charmaine Nelson, Stephanie Screech and Melissa Smitka


As well as the above A/NVP elections, CEIU will also be holding elections for Alternate Delegates for the following districts:



District 5 – which comprises Locals 20903, 20910, 20943, 20960 and 20964


District 8 - which comprises Locals 20937 and 20939 – As well as an election for the Alternate delegates, there will be an election for the 2nd delegate seat for that district between Roger Leroux and Steve Claxton since at the last election both candidates were tied. 


For Alberta/NWT/Nunavut

District 13 – which comprises Locals 30857 and 30858

District 16 – which is comprised of Local 30851 only


For Manitoba/Saskatchewan

CEIU will be holding elections for the delegate seats since members were not able to vote the last time CEIU held the votes for delegates.  These districts are as follows:

District 17 which is comprised of Local 50811

District 20 which is comprised of Locals 40802, 50757 and 50758

District 22 which is comprised of Locals 40803, 40804, 40806, 40808, 40810, 40817, 50005, 50752, 50754, 50765, 50770 and 50771


District 37 – which comprises Local 80217 and 80226

District 40 – which comprises Locals 90113 and 90118

District 41 – which comprises Locals 90102, 90107, 90109 and 90114


For Ontario

District 60 which is comprised of Local 621

District 64 which is comprised of Local 534

District 73 which is comprised of Locals 532, 539, 549, 553, 565, 566 and 623

District 75 which is comprised of Locals 507, 521 and 630



No elections are needed in the National Capital Region (NCR).


Ensure your name is on the list of voters and make your vote count!  Remember, if CEIU does not have your personal email address on file, you will not be receiving the email notice from SimplyVoting on April 29th to vote.  Make sure to provide CEIU with your personal email address by sending your full name and personal email address to [email protected] before April 29th.