ESDC Removed the 3-strike Rule in Call Centres

Earlier this year, CEIU put pressure on the employer to remove the 3-strike rule in call centres.

This measure was put in place by ESDC to ensure that clients get the chance to correct their bad behavior when on the phone.

While agents are dedicated employees who serve Canadians with professionalism, some have received unacceptable comments. Removing that 3-strike rule allows agents to use their judgment to end a call when they feel it’s right to do so.  For that CEIU thought that was important.

CEIU wants to celebrate this win and hopes that call centre agents can use their judgment across Canada. When facing violence wherever is the source, employees should report it to their supervisor and ensure that a Lab1070 is filled out. After all, it’s mental health that is at stake.

Take 5

Similarly, we have another victory! CEIU encourages its members in call centres to use the 5-minute not on a call as per Article 58 of the collective agreement. That was gained in the last round of bargaining. That’s a victory the union got for you, the members, as this affects your mental health.