Final election results – Alternate National Vice-Presidents (A/NVPs)

The elections for CEIU’s Alternate NVP positions have concluded following a full week of electronic voting, beginning on April 29th and ending on May 6th, 2020.

The Alternate NVPs will begin their cycle after the CEIU National Convention, which is, until further notice, being held in September 2020.

  • Vanessa Miller, A/NVP for BC/YT (acclaimed)
  • Sabino Spagnuolo, A/NVP for Alberta/NWT (elected)
  • Charito Humphreys, A/NVP for MAN/SASK (acclaimed)
  • Lyle Gall, 1st A/NVP for Ontario (elected)
  • Sara Johnson, 2nd A/NVP for Ontario (elected)
  • Daniel Carrière, 1st A/NVP, Julia Duckworth, 2nd A/NVP and Claude Mayer, 3rd A/NVP for NCR (acclaimed)
  • Nancy Boudreau, 1st A/NVP for Quebec (elected)
  • Jessica Mathieu, 2nd A/NVP for Quebec (elected)
  • Kelly Sidhu, A/NVP for HR (elected)
  • Charlene Arsenault, A/NVP for NB/PEI (acclaimed)
  • Norm Mugford, A/NVP for NL/NS (elected)
  • Carolyn Locke, A/NVP for IRCC (elected)
  • Carolyn Locke, 1st A/NVP for Women`s Issues, Eastern Region and Megan Butterill, 2nd A/NVP (elected)
  • Sara Johnson, 1st A/NVP for Women`s Issues, Western Region and Charmaine Nelson, 2nd A/NVP (elected)

CEIU did not receive any nominations for the position of Alternate NVP for IRB and therefore, another callout for nominations will be done at a later date.

CEIU wishes to congratulate all the Alternate NVPs that were elected or acclaimed and would also like to thank all candidates who submitting their names in these elections.