Final election results - National Vice-Presidents (NVPs) CEIU 2020-2023

The elections for CEIU’s NVP positions have concluded, following a full week of electronic voting, beginning on March 18th and ending on March 25th, 2020.


CEIU is pleased to announce that the following members, along with the National President and the National Executive Vice-President (as elected at CEIU’s 2020 Convention), will form the CEIU National Executive, starting at the close of business of the 2020 CEIU Convention, for the next 3-year cycle (2020-2023):

  • Sargy Chima, NVP for BC/YT (elected)
  • Arlene Ewaniuk, NVP for Alberta/NWT (re-elected)
  • Chris Gardiner, NVP for MAN/SASK (acclaimed)
  • Ann Marie KuarSingh, NVP for Ontario (elected)
  • Phil Matheson, NVP for Ontario (elected)
  • Jacques Perrin, NVP for NCR (re-elected)
  • Judith Côté, NVP for Quebec (elected)
  • Annik Beamish NVP for Quebec (elected)
  • Sebastian Rodrigues, NVP for HR (re-elected)
  • Rhonda Rumson, NVP for NB/PEI (acclaimed)
  • Debbie Morris, NVP for NL/NS (acclaimed)
  • Helen King, NVP for IRCC (elected)
  • Tricia Green, NVP for IRB (acclaimed)
  • Lynda MacLellan, NVP for Women`s Issues, Western Region (acclaimed)
  • Jodi MacPherson, NVP for Women`s Issues, Eastern Region (re-elected)

CEIU wishes to congratulate the NVPs that were re-elected or acclaimed, and welcome the newly elected NVPs.  We also would like to thank all candidates who submitting their names in these elections.