Human Rights – Day December 10th

CEIU observes Human Rights Day every year on December 10th, as we commemorate the day on which, in 1948, the United nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Accordingly, on December 10th we reflect on human rights in Canada and around the world.

Members are not aware that the labour rights are human rights which are the guiding principles in Unions.  As an inclusive Union, we continue to embrace this principle by advancing awareness and activism within CEIU regarding equity challenges faced by First Nations/Metis/Inuit, members with Disabilities, LGBTQ2+ lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender and transsexual communities and Racially Visible members.


In the climate we live in, many face troubling times where hate, fear and division impedes peace as a result of corporate greed, in some cases, for political gain.  The impact is normally on the most vulnerable people who are denied their basis rights.  For example, in our communities where we must uphold the basic rights of the First Nations/Metis/Inuit people by providing them with clean drinking water.  From a global perspective, CEIU condemns the senseless killings of innocent civilians due to hate crimes.


When Human Rights are not well known and understood, abuses such as discrimination, intolerance, injustice and oppression can unfortunately arise.  Every person has the right to not be discriminated in their community/workplaces.  Human Rights are universal.


Human Rights Day is a call to everyone to stand up for one’s rights and that of every concerned citizen.


“Each December 10th, International Human Rights Day reminds us as activists that the struggle for equality and dignity is the foundation of social justice, and that the fight for labour rights as human rights is the core of solidarity.”


In solidarity,


Sebastian Rodrigues

CEIU National Vice President-Human Rights &

Chair of CEIU National Human Rights/Race Relations Committee