International Women’s Day: Let’s keep up the fight


Every year on March 8, we recognize International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women’s contributions and recommit to the fight for equity and justice.


As we begin to recover from the devastating impacts of the pandemic, women in Canada have regained their share of the labour market, which had fallen to its lowest in three decades. The implementation of a national childcare plan, which was made possible by years of activism by unions and feminist organizations, has played a vital role in that recovery.


Yet, the recovery has been uneven. Many older women left the labour market permanently, which will have a long-lasting negative impact on their economic security. Mothers, especially single mothers, have also felt lingering effects of job


The return to offices and traditional workplaces for those who have worked remotely has also affected women significantly due to the burden of care work that women take on. Statistics have shown that women have continued to do the vast majority of unpaid care and domestic work. We must continue to fight for accessible childcare, flexible work arrangements, and to break down systemic barriers.


PSAC and CEIU are working hard and mobilizing to fight for these and other important issues in bargaining. Strike votes are happening across the country now—don’t forget to register!



Jodi MacPherson, National Vice-President (Women’s Issues), Eastern Canada

Lynda MacLellan, National Vice-President (Women’s Issues), Western Canada