Message from the National President



Dear members,


The announcement made by Treasury Board has a lot of our members email us and expressing their concerns, and we at the Canada Employment and Immigration Union (CEIU), are taking a stand.


Your CEIU National Executive met last Friday, December 16th and again on Monday, December 19th to discuss different ways of fighting this announcement and show our members that their Union stands behind them. Letters have been sent to express our disagreement with this hybrid work model mandate decision.


We have asked the PSAC to act and help us in this fight. CEIU has a vast majority of its members that will be impacted by this decision if this isn’t stopped. We will fight the employer on their hybrid work model mandate, and we’ll do everything in our powers to put and end to it. 


It has been shown that working remotely has and continues to work and is successful. Since the start of this pandemic, our members have continued to serve and be there for Canadians. They should be able to continue by doing their work remotely.   


CEIU will be holding a townhall for all members across the country in the new year to rally our members and tell everyone what their Union is doing and that together, we WILL fight, and we will not be pushed into this hybrid work model without a fight.


Rest assured that CEIU/PSAC is behind its members. If the employer refuses to listen to our talks and concerns regarding this hybrid work model mandate, then let’s mobilize and show this employer our strength.


Together we will rally and show that we won’t take this announcement without a fight.



In Solidarity,

Eddy Bourque

National President