The National Standing Mental Health and Wellness Committee shall:


  • Ensure to address health issues, workplace safety including workplace mental health and wellness by ensuring that these subjects are always part of the agenda for the different departments that CEIU represents.


  • Discuss membership priorities regarding workplace health and safety.


  • Discuss and assist with the coordination and development of OHS training and resources for CEIU members.


  • Be a forum for IRB, IRCC and Service Canada to discuss and collaborate on workplace OSH priorities.


  • Communicate to the membership, at least twice a year, about their activities. These updates will include information about what priorities are being brought forward at the National Health and Safety table with the Employer.


  • Report to the National Executive following its meeting and advise and make recommendations to the National President, the National Executive Vice-President and the National Executive on all matters related to mental health and wellness.




  • The Committee shall meet, in person, at least twice a year for one-and-a-half day (1 ½).


  • Hold other meetings, when necessary, which are to be held by other means, than in person.


  • The Committee members will elect two (2) co-chairs for a three-year term at the first Committee meeting, after each CEIU Convention once the Committee members have been confirmed.


  • Every member of the Committee is encouraged to participate actively in every aspect of the Committee.




The Committee shall be comprised of:


  • The co-chair (when they are a member of CEIU) of each departmental National Policy Health and Safety Committee, or a national committee member.


  • At least one activist from each CEIU region who participates in either a Workplace Health and Safety Committee and/or a Workplace Mental Health Committee.







Darlene Stevens

[email protected]

Marni Banks

[email protected]


Karine Drobko

[email protected]


Liaison :

·       Crystal Warner, NEVP, [email protected]

·       Sue Séguin (Executive Assistant and Advisor to the National President) [email protected]