Summary of the Spring 2019 National Executive Meeting

The National Executive (NE) met in Gatineau, Quebec from Friday, April 5th to Sunday, April 7th, 2019 with training on the morning of April 5th.

The February 5th, 2019 minutes of the NE conference call were approved at this meeting and are now available on the CEIU website.  Should you, as a member of CEIU, wish to read or view these minutes or the previous minutes of the National Executive meetings, please contact a member of your Local Executive, as they have been provided with the password to access these minutes.

The NE received training on “Avoiding Burnout:  Self Care for Activists and Changemakers” on the morning of April 5th.  The CEIU Mental Health Committee had made the recommendation at a previous meeting for the members of the National Executive to receive this training.  The ½ day training was appreciated by everyone in attendance. 


The National Executive had a full agenda for their 2.5 days of meeting.  However, time did not allow for all the business to be dealt with and the remaining agenda items will be discussed on a conference call in the next few weeks.


Some of the decisions made at the Spring NE meeting consists of the following:

-Approval of the audited financial statements for 2018

-Increase in the budget allocation for 2019 for the NVPs with portfolios, NVPs for the region, the National Executive Vice-President and the National President

-$80,000 to be used to purchase promotional items directed towards political action on a national platform

-Approval of Local mergers

-Change to Regulation 13 – Recognition Awards

-New Regulation 25 – Regulation governing the Mental Health Committee

-Resolution to amend By-Law 14 to be sent to the CEIU 2020 Convention

-Requests for the NVPs to provide their comments to the By-Laws Committee who is tasked with the drafting of a revised Regulation 18A and Regulation 18B – regulation governing elections – and which must be updated due to electronic voting

-Asking the Finance Committee to create Financial Guidelines for the Locals

-Changes to the Mental Health Committee’s Terms of Reference

-That the National President demand that ESDC, IRCC and IRB provide in-person training by an Indigenous Educator that meets the purposes of Call to Action # 57


Members of the Ontario Region Front-End/Outreach Committee presented a skit to the National Executive on the issues that our members working in the front-end face each and every day working with the public.  This skit was a real eye opener for all the members of the National Executive and truly appreciated by every one of them.


Phoenix has been a standing agenda item for the past two years, since the new CEIU leadership were voted in at the 2017 CEIU Convention and continue to be discuss at each of the NE meetings.


Other items on the agenda included:

-Essential Services Agreement

-SMSM Grievance Update

-CEIU Trusteeship Wrap-up

-List of XX-XXXXX members

-Administrative Investigation Training for Local Officers


The following reports can be viewed by clicking on the specific report below:

-Report of the National President

-Report of the National Executive Vice-President


Reports of the National Vice-Presidents will be made available on the CEIU website as soon as the translation is received for all of them.


Your CEIU National Executive is hard at work for each of its members.  Don’t hesitate to contact your respective National Executive Vice-President(s) and/or your Regional Union Office.


The next meeting of the National Executive will be held in Ottawa from September 20th to 22nd, 2019.

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