Spring 2023 National Executive Meeting



The CEIU National Executive (NE) met in Ottawa from February 7th to 10th, 2023 with the By-Laws and the Finance Committee meeting on February 6th to prepare their committee reports.


The Sprint 2023 meeting was the last in-person NE meeting before the 2023 CEIU Convention. 


The National Executive adopted the following recommendations:


  • To update CEIU Policy 29—Environmental Sensitivities
  • To update CEIU Policy 4—Family Care Policy
  • To submit seven resolutions to the 2023 CEIU National Convention on behalf of the NE
  • To merge Local 549 to 553 in Ontario Region
  • To remove Local 70,707 from the NCR, from under trusteeship
  • To update CEIU Policy 17—Telework
  • To update CEIU Regulation 18
  • To hold the 2026 CEIU National Convention in Vancouver at the Hyatt Regency Hotel
  • To update CEIU Policy 26—Funding members to attend conferences
  • To have CEIU Policy 5 reviewed by a National Union Representative before the Fall 2023 NE meeting
  • To update CEIU Policy 24
  • That five (5) CEIU scholarships, each for $5,000, are given out to the recipients who qualified


The NE also did a budget analysis and made referrals to the Finance Committee for some changes. A subsequent meeting of the NE by Zoom will be held to review the updated copy of the budget with all the referrals that were made.


Discussions were also held on a plan for strike pay payment to our members who, if a strike is called, will be on the picket lines supporting their union.


The following reports were also received and can be read by clicking on the report below.



Your National Vice-Presidents are there to assist their members. Their contact information is available on the CEIU website.