The CEIU National Executive met in-person as well as hybrid for their Spring meeting, from April 5th, to 9th, 2022 at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa, Ontario.

The Finance Committee and the By-Laws Committee each held their meeting on April 5th. A training was held on April 6th.


The actual NE meeting started at 9 a.m. on April 7th with the PSAC National President, Chris Aylward, and the PSAC National Executive Vice-President, Sharon DeSousa, addressing the CEIU National Executive.

The minutes of the December 11-13, 2021, NE meeting and the January 19th, 2022, meeting were approved and are now available on the CEIU website under the folder ‘MINUTES’. A member of your Local Executive would have the ‘password’ should you wish to take a look and read those minutes.

The National Executive approved a number of recommendations made by the Finance Committee and the By-Laws Committee, which are as follows:


  • To have all locals insured for Directors and Officers Liability, with the cost covered by CEIU National
  • To have a one-year pilot project to have locals in the Quebec Region have email address with the cost covered by the Quebec Region
  • To have CEIU donate $2,000 for the Ukrainian Fund for Human Rights (Red Cross)
  • To have the amount of computer equipment increase to $5,000 from $4,000 for the National Executive
  • To adopt the 2021 audited Financial Statements
  • To have the Membership Engagement Officer tasked to work to get locals in compliance and work with the regions and establish a plan of action and report back to the NE and to have a $50,000 budget line item, coming from the surplus or another budget line, be included for any required tasks taken on by members and not staff.
  • To have the Ontario Region pilot an online claim submission form
  • To work on a review of one-member, one-vote
  • To adopt the revised CEIU Policy 31 – Scholarship
  • To adopt a new Regulation 29 – Regulation governing the National Finance Advisory Committee
  • To adopt a new Regulation 32 – Regulation governing the National IRB Committee
  • To adopt a revised Regulation 27 – Regulation governing the National Call Centre Committee
  • To adopt a new CEIU Regulation 30 – Regulation governing regional HR/RR Committees
  • To adopt a new CEIU Regulation 31 – Regulation governing the National Standing Service Needs Delivery Committee
  • To adopt the revised Terms of Reference for the Human Rights / Race Relations Committee
  • To adopt a template on steps to follow for a local trusteeship
  • To adopt a new CEIU Regulation 25, which replaces the old Regulation 25 and making the new Regulation 25 – the regulation governing the National Standing Mental Health and Wellness committee
  • To have a communiqué sent out by the National President’s Office to the locals advising them of the need to provide the National Office with their General Membership Meeting minutes, approved Financial Statements and By-Laws/Regulation, as well as the importance of updating their membership lists.
  • To have the NVPs talk to their respective locals, prior to the end of September 2022, to ensure they are complying
  • To advise the Locals that the timelines for the By-Laws and Regulations are no longer lifted and that everyone should be holding the GM meeting in the next few months
  • To have the Finance Committee review Policy 4 – Family Care Policy and bringing the maximum rate from $110 to $150
  • To have the Finance Committee review the addition suggested by the HR/RR Committee in CEIU Policy 29 – Scent-Free Policy, as well as having the policy sent back to the By-Laws Committee so that the correct wording ‘scent-free’ is as per the Canada Labour Code
  • To have the Finance Committee review Policy 26: Funding members to attend conferences
  • To have the Finance Committee review Regulation 1, which is the regulation governing provision of National Funds for the Annual NVPs Conference of Local Presidents
  • To have the NVPs for Women’s Issues review Policy 15 – Women and Violence, as well as Policy 16 – Women’s Economic Independence, with the National Women’s Committee
  • To have the NEVP review Policy 17 – Telework, Policy 22 – Expansion of Duties and Regulation 8 – Staffing of the Union
  • To change Regulation 14 to replace ‘PSST’ to ‘FPSLREB’
  • To have a ‘Schedule A’ added at the front of the Regulations Booklet
  • To have necessary updates to Regulations done as were approved at the December 2021 and January 2022 NE meetings


The National Executive also agreed to submit some resolutions to the 2023 CEIU Convention and will be reviewing others at their September 2022 NE meeting.

The National Executive also approved a merger request from the Ontario Region to have Local 566 merge with Local 534.

The National President provided the Oath of Office to the following members who were in attendance as observers:


  • Norm Mugford, A/NVP for NL/NS
  • Carolyn Locke, 1st A/NPV for Women’s Issues, Eastern Region
  • Korey Millar, A/NVP for NB/PEI
  • Sara Johnson, 1st A/NVP for Women’s Issues, Western Region
  • Charmaine Nelson, 2nd A/NVP for Women’s Issues, Western Region


You can read, by clicking on the respective report, the Report of the National President and the Report of the National Executive Vice-President.

Due to lack of time, the reports from the NVPs and the National Committees was not done at the meeting.  These will be done by Zoom in the near future and these reports will then be posted on the website as well as sent out to the respective Local Executives.

As always, your National Vice-Presidents are available should you wish to send them an email or speak with them on any issues you may have. To see the list of the CEIU National Executive, click on this link.