The CEIU National Human Rights/Race Relations (HR/RR) Committee held their meeting in Toronto from March 25th to 27th, 2022. A pleasant change to have all the representatives attend in-person at this meeting, after having had only virtual zoom meetings since after the 2021 CEIU Convention.


A one-day training session on March 25th was provided by the National President who went over the By-Laws, Policies and Resolutions of Records that dealt with HRRR issues. The training was well appreciated by the representatives and such training will continue to be provided to the HR/RR Committee every three-years, at their first meeting after each CEIU National Convention.


With another full agenda, the Committee approved eight (8) resolutions that will now be submitted to the CEIU National Office for the 2022 National Human Rights/Race Relations Conference in September 2023.


Planning the upcoming Conference was also on the agenda. The Conference Callout will be prepared and sent out shortly. Keep an eye out for the callout, which will be posted on the CEIU website at by the end of April.


The theme of the 2022 National Human Rights/Race Relations Committee, as selected by the Committee is:  BE THE CHANGE / SOYONS LE CHANGEMENT.


The HR/RR Committee produced ten (10) names of potential speakers for this Conference. The representatives are now calling these potential speakers, hoping that one or more will be available for our conference.  We are looking at having at least one (1) speaker, and potentially two.


A number of workplace issues were raised and both the NVP for Human Rights, Sebastian Rodrigues, and the Employment Equity and Human Rights Officer, Allison Pilon, provided updates of their meetings with ESDC, IRC and IRCC.


A survey will be coming out toward the end of April, beginning of May from the National HR/RR Committee, and will be sent out to the CEIU members that have already self-identified with CEIU. If you have not yet filled out a self-id form, please make sure to do so to ensure you receive the survey, and to also ensure that you are sent the Conference Callout should you wish to apply as a delegate or observer to the 2022 National HR/RR Conference in September.


The next meeting of the Committee will be held two (2) days before the Conference, in Vancouver.


And, as always, remember that your HR/RR Representatives are available should you wish to send them an email or speak with them on any issues you may have. To see the list of the CEIU National HR/RR Representatives and their alternates, click on this link.