The CEIU National Executive held their meeting by videoconferencing from October 6th to 9th, 2020.


The minutes of the June 25th and 26th NE meeting which continued July 17th and 20th, 2020 were approved as well as the minutes of the July 24th, 2020 meeting.  Both sets of minutes are now available on the CEIU website at under the folder ‘Minutes’.   Members should contact a member of their Local Executive to be provided with the password to access the minutes of these meetings as well as all NE minutes.


Until the minutes of the October 2020 meeting are approved by the NE and posted on the CEIU website, a summary of the decisions made at this meeting are as follows:


  • A review of the electronic NVP electoral process continues
  • The Child Care Policy is to be reviewed by the By-Laws Committee
  • Policy 28 has been amended
  • $10,000 was added to the Advertising and Donations budget line item to support First Nations Initiatives
  • The proposed budget for 2021 was approved
  • The Finance Committee will review procedures and approaches for the usage of per diem, honorariums and other similar benefits received by members at the national, regional, and local levels of CEIU and bring any recommendations to the Spring NE meeting for discussion
  • The financial process for locals to submit their yearly financial statements and other necessary documents will now be posted on the CEIU website
  • The position of Administrative Assistant in the Atlantic Region will be changed from a part-time to a full-time position
  • A 4th National Union Representative for the Ontario Region will be hired on a one-year term to tackle the backlog of grievances for that region
  • The position of Representation Coordinator will be made indeterminate
  • A full-time position of Political and Communications Officer will be posted for a one-year term with the possibility of becoming an indeterminate position
  • The NE is looking at the possibility of creating a full-time equity position at CEIU. This position would assess the organization through an equity lens and provide recommendations to CEIU leadership as well as provide support to the CEIU equity committees, to CEIU staff and to CEIU members on equity related matters.


The following reports provided at the October NE meeting can be viewed by clicking on the specific report below:



Other NVP reports will be posted as they are received.


As always, the CEIU National Executive is there for the membership.  If you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to contact your respective regional NVP(s), your departmental NVP(s) or any of the equity NVP(s).