Union representing passports staff says Service Canada is not serving Canadians

As Canadians’ frustration surges by having to cancel trips as they wait for passports, even more citizens are being impacted by the mismanagement at Service Canada offices across the country.

Members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada working for Service Canada are frustrated at the lack of planning demonstrated by management in anticipation of the increased demand for passports. Line-ups around the block and an inability to reach staff at call centres have created a hostile working environment for Service Canada staff.

“We want to prioritize clients based on need. People waiting for their CPP or EI should be sent to the front of the line, but the employer isn’t allowing its staff to do this, and is preventing our members from properly serving Canadians,” said Crystal Warner, national executive vice-president of the Canada Employment and Immigration Union.

“Long lines and incorrect information about wait times is frustrating clients and has the potential to create a dangerous work environment for Service Canada staff,” said Kevin King, national president of the Union of National Employees. “We expect to see a concrete plan from the government to alleviate wait times and to protect the safety of workers and clients during this unprecedented period.”

The Public Service Alliance of Canada, along with its component unions the Canada Employment and Immigration Union and the Union of National Employees, represent more than 2,500 workers throughout the country working in client-facing Service Canada offices.

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