Update on SMSM-1102 (PSDC CR-04) Grievances at Service Canada (ESDC) – October 2020

Since the last update was posted on our site in July 2020, CEIU has held two meetings with the ESDC Labour Relations team on August 13 and September 24, 2020, to monitor the file processing. Here are the highlights of these meetings:    


  • For current incumbents who have held, since September 13, 2018 or later, a position involving pension or integrity operations, and to whom the new Program Services Officer (PM-01) job description applies, whose salaries have not yet been adjusted from CR-04 to PM-01 and who had not filed a grievance, Compensation is continuing to process the completed files. Out of the 846 files received, 669 have received their salary adjustments and 619 their retroactive payments. As at September 24, 2020, 188 individuals had still not replied whether they intend to claim a tax exemption. To avoid holding up your files, we recommend that the relevant members reply as quickly as possible to the government department as soon as a decision is made. 


  • For current incumbents who have held, since September 13, 2018, a position to which the Program Services Officer (PM-01) (pension or integrity operations) job description applies. Incumbents who have filed a grievance. Out of 75 completed files, 41 have received their payments and 34 are ready to be processed by Compensation in the upcoming pay periods.  


  • For members who filed grievances regarding the job description of their PSDC position between 2008 and September 13, 2018, but who left their position before September 13, 2018, ESDC continues to send documentation to the relevant persons and wishes to stop on October 30, 2020. We are talking about approximately 560 individuals. Out of this number, 151 mailings have been sent and 99 remain to be carried out mainly in the Quebec region.  In addition, 221 individuals who continue to work for the government department have received or will receive their documentation by email sent by the employer (protected B). EDSC informed us in August that it had adjusted its goal for finalizing retroactive payments to March 31, 2021 instead of December 31, 2020. This decision is a direct consequence of the pandemic. 


  • We were informed in the last meeting that the salary tables in the Phénix payroll system were only introduced in 2012. When salary adjustments are required for previous years, they need to be carried out manually for the compensation advisors. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their work on these files. For the reasons mentioned, the retroactive payment will be made in two installments (before and after 2012).


  • Again in the September meeting, we were informed that the deadline for submitting the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and/or Revenu Québec reply form to EDSC for the 2020 calendar year is October 31, 2020. Any tax exemption received after the deadline will be recorded in the 2021 calendar year and, in this respect, payments will also be issued in the 2021 calendar year.


  • We will continue to monitor the progress of the file processing with the ESDC Labour Relations team and will keep you informed.  


Please continue to check the CEIU website for more updates.

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