International Women’s Day 2019

International Women's Day is observed annually on March 8th. It is this day that we celebrate women around the world and the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women while continuing to campaign for greater progress.


Unions are largely responsible for the advancement of women’s equality in Canada. This International Women’s Day, and everyday CEIU with it’s 18,000 plus members are deeply committed to continue to push to advance women’s rights in the workplace and beyond.


With over 77% women in CEIU Canada wide, women continue to be are a vital part of every structure in our  union. Within CEIU women hold 10 of the 17 seats on the National Executive Board, including one of the two top positions. We now have our first National Women’s Committee, Chaired by our two NVP for Women. Mandatory women’s committees are forming right across the country, in every region. Women are helping to shape the conversation at every level. 


Nationally we have taken on a major initiative with the beginnings of a Women’s Advocate Program rolling out. We have trained Advocates in each region to respond and spread awareness on the impact of domestic violence in the workplace.


Together we are all striving for a gender-balanced world. Ask yourself "What can I do to help in moving toward a more gender-balanced society?  Then ... ask others the same question about how they too can join the fight. 


This International Women’s Day (and every day) CEIU is calling on all members to join with us and stand up for women’s rights and to continue to fight!


“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.”


Audre Lorde


In Solidarity 

Lynda MacLellan, CEIU NVP for Women, Western Region 

Jodi MacPherson, CEIU NVP for Women, Eastern Region

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