Contact National Office

The two senior elected officers of the union, as well as a professional and administrative staff group, are located at the union’s headquarters in Ottawa.

The National President and National Executive Vice-President oversee the operations of the union and meet with senior management over issues of concern to the CEIU membership.

Here is the contact information for officers and staff at the national office:

Elected Officers

National President
Eddy Bourque
[email protected]
Ext: 222

National Executive Vice-President
Crystal Warner
[email protected]
Ext: 223


Director of Representation and Labour Relations
Guy Boulanger
[email protected]
Ext: 324

Executive Assistant and Advisor to the National President
Sue Séguin
[email protected]
Ext: 225

Representation Coordinator
Luc Pomerleau
[email protected]
Ext: 232

Director of Finance and Administration
Alain Normand
[email protected]
Ext: 228

Assistant to the Director of Finance and Administration
Kimberley Smith
[email protected]
Ext: 239

IT Manager
Paul Hébert
[email protected]
Ext: 240

Membership Engagement Officer
Ashley Petrin
[email protected]

Executive Assistant
Gina Corbière
[email protected]
Ext: 231

Equity Officer
Allison Pilon
[email protected]

Personnel, Pay & Benefits Administrator
Beth Donald
[email protected]
Ext: 226

Administrative Assistant National Office and NCR
Nathan Graham
[email protected]
Ext: 330

275 Slater Street, Unit 1204
Ottawa, ON K1P 5H9
Phone: (613) 236-9634
Fax: (613) 236-7871
Toll-Free: 1-855-271-3848