The Human Rights / Race Relations (HRRR) committee is comprised of the four equity groups within CEIU

The Terms of reference (Link) outlines the mandate of the Committee is to:

Explore, develop and review human rights and race relations initiatives;
Review policies within CEIU and the departments /agency;
To represent and respond to concerns relating to human rights issues;
To monitor and evaluate the progress of  the CEIU as a union and as an employer on issues of human rights/race relations

The Committee is comprised of the following:


(A) The National Vice-President for Human Rights and their Alternate

(B) Nine (9) members at large, two (2) from each of the following human rights groups

(i)   First Nations/Métis/Inuit
(ii)  Members with Disabilities
(iii) LGBTQ2+
(iv) Racially Visible

(C) plus, one (1) additional chair for non-binary members to be added to the LGBTQ2+ chairs for the HR/RR Committee

Gender parity will be maintained in each of the four groups. Members are elected for a three year term to sit on the national HRRR committee. The elections take place at the tri-annual HR/RR conference. Self-Identify here.

Human Rights / Race Relations Committee members

Here are the current members of the Committee and their contact information:

Sebastian Rodrigues (NVP for HR and Chair of the HR/RR Committee)
[email protected]

Rubina Boucher (Alternate NVP for HRRR)

[email protected]

Rod Cunningham

[email protected]

Susie Blyth
[email protected] 


Farid Tourkmani

[email protected]

Sarita Censori
[email protected]

Aly Kanani
[email protected]

Karen McFarlane
[email protected]

Ryan Ducedre

[email protected]

Wendy-Ann Moulton
[email protected]


Sebastian Rodrigues (NVP for HRRR ) [email protected]

Rubina Boucher (Alternate NVP for HRRR) [email protected]

Eddy Bourque (National President) [email protected]

Allison Pilon (Employment Equity and Human Rights Officer) [email protected]

Sue Séguin (Executive Assistant and Advisor to the National President) [email protected]