The Human Rights / Race Relations (HRRC) Committee is comprised of the four equity groups within CEIU.


The Terms of Reference outlines the mandate of the Committee is to:


     - Explore, develop and review human rights and race relations initiatives;

     - Review policies within CEIU and the departments /agency;

     - To represent and respond to concerns relating to human rights issues;

     - To monitor and evaluate the progress of  the CEIU as a union and as an employer on issues of human rights/race relations


The Committee is comprised of the following:


(a) The National Vice-President for Human Rights and their Alternate

(b) Ten (10) members at large, two (2) from each of the following human rights groups

     (i)   Indigenous Peoples

     (ii)  Members with Disabilities

     (iii) LGBTQ2+

     (iv) Racialized Members

(c) Plus, one (1) additional chair for non-binary members to be added to the LGBTQ2+ chairs for the HR/RR Committee

(d) Plus, one (1) Black member representative

Gender parity will be maintained in each of the four groups. Members are elected for a three year term to sit on the national HRRR committee. The elections take place at the tri-annual HR/RR conference. Self-Identify here.

Human Rights / Race Relations Committee members:


Indigenous Peoples

Rod Cunningham

[email protected]


1.    Tony Nicolas 

2.    Todd Poirier

Indigenous Peoples

Corrina Gavan [email protected]

1.    Susie Blyth 

2.    Emily Craddock 

3.    Linda Delaney 

4.    Deb Foster 

Racialized Members

Sabbir Umarji [email protected]

1.    Farid Tourkmani 

2.    Dhaval Shah

Racialized Members

Thu Trinh

[email protected]


1.    Julie Nanquil 

2.    Bernadette D’Souza 

3.    Francesca Dorvillier

Black Members

Mamadou Ndiaye

[email protected]




Aly Kanani

[email protected]


1.    Stephen Locke 

2.    Ted Cabanes


Vesna Lukic [email protected]


1.    Charmaine Nelson

2.    Emily Caddock


Mark Mindel

[email protected]


Members with Disabilities

Neil Wood [email protected]

1.    Ryan Ducedre

2.    Phillippe Tire-Ayott

Members with Disabilities

Kelli Reid

[email protected]


1.    Charmaine Nelso

2.    Marie-Geneviėve Martel 



  • Rubina Boucher, NVP for HRRR: [email protected]
  • Mofizul Islam, Alternate NVP for HRRR
  • Allison Pilon, Employment Equity and Human Rights Officer