The Human Rights / Race Relations (HRRR) committee is comprised of the four equity groups within CEI

The Terms of reference (Link) outlines the mandate of the Committee is to:

Explore, develop and review human rights and race relations initiatives;
Review policies within CEIU and the departments /agency
To represent and respond to concerns relating to human rights issues;
To monitor and evaluate the progress of CEIU as both a union and an employer on issues of human rights.

The Committee is comprised of eight members – two from each of the following groups:

First Nations/Métis/Inuit

Members with Disabilities

LGBTQ2+ lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender and transsexual communities.

Racially Visible

Gender parity is maintained in each of the four groups. Members are elected for a three year term to sit on the national HRRR committee. The elections take place at the tri-annual HR/RR conference.Self-Identify here.

Human Rights / Race Relations Committee members

Here are the current members of the Committee and their contact information:

Sebastian Rodrigues (Chair)
[email protected]

Lorraine Boyce (Alternate to NVP)
[email protected]

Susie Blyth
[email protected]

Farid Tourkmani
[email protected]

Rod Cunningham

Bus: (604) 707-9653
[email protected]

Rocky Bourgeois
[email protected]

Alex Brill
[email protected]

Genie McDougall
Bus: (416) 973-1937
[email protected]

Judy Phillips

Bus: (647) 252-6515
[email protected]

Karen McFarlane
[email protected]

Liaison: Gina Corbière (Executive Assistant to the NEVP) [email protected]