CEIU Manitoba-Saskatchewan Region Announces 2022 Scholarship Recipients

Every year, CEIU Manitoba-Saskatchewan Region award a scholarship for up to six students who are CEIU members, their spouses or their dependents. Applicants write short statements on the contributions of the labour movement and the value of public services.


This year, the region is proud to announce that it will be awarding scholarships to the following applicants:




Carmen Klimczak

Tammy Dufour

Stephane Fortier

Edward Fortier

Sierra Henn

Shelley Henn

John Greene

Melanie Greene

Abagail Meier-Wittal

Abagail Meier-Wittal

Keanna Freisen

Melanie Freisen


The applicants have been notified.


Please join us in congratulating them.


Each year, the region solicits applications for up to six scholarships of $1000 each.  The applications are reviewed and ranked by our Scholarship Committee.  The top six are awarded scholarships. Interested members and their families should look out for next year’s competition.