Black History Month: Time for Action- Eliminate Anti Black Racism in the Public Service!

This year marks the 26th anniversary of Black History Month in Canada. 2022 is also within the International Decade for People of African Decent (2015- 2024).


In Canada, we celebrate Black History Month by honouring Black people, recognizing their past and present accomplishments, appreciating their contributions  to our society and recognizing their ongoing struggle for equity. It is time to not only reflect on the strength & resiliency of people of African and Caribbean descents in Canada but also stay committed to the fight against systemic discrimination and racism in our communities.

In 2021, the Clerk of the Privy Council issued a Call to Action on Anti-Racism, Equity, and Inclusion in the Federal Public Service. To date, little progress has been made towards addressing and combat anti-Black racism in our workplaces. Black employees continue to face discrimination and racism. They are often over looked and denied career opportunities despite their qualifications and work experience. Within many of our workplaces, they continue to work and remain at entry level positions, while there is a lack of representation at the senior leadership level. We cannot move forward in the public service until we invest in and respect employees, by removing systemic barriers and discrimination.

The time for real and meaningful conversations is now. CEIU will continue to push employers to put in place measurable action plans to eliminate discrimination and systemic racism in the workplace. Those plans should include mandatory training on anti-Black racism and systemic racism.

The CEIU Human Rights/Race Relations Committee (HRRRC) calls on all its members to learn about Black history in Canada and take time to participate at various events honouring Black History Month at work and in our communities. Together, we are united and stronger!

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Sarita Censoni, Female Racially Visible Representative, HRRRC

Riazuddin Ahamed, Male Racially Visible Representative, HRRRC