Manitoba & Saskachewan

The Manitoba Saskatchewan Region comprises just over one thousand members in 18 Locals who provide service to Canadians and newcomers both at home and across the country. Citizens may call our members over the phone to assist with their pensions, old age security or employment insurance. They may have their social programs, citizenship and training programs worked on or negotiated by our back office agents. They may visit our in person offices for assistance with resettlement, social insurance numbers or a variety of social programs. Together we are able to interact with people through most segments of their lives.

The region is governed by the Manitoba Saskatchewan Regional Council which is comprised of the National Vice President of the Region, the Alternate National Vice President and the Presidents of each Local in the Region. The MSRC meets in person once per year and on conference calls as required. The MSRC is assisted by its regional equity committees for women, human rights and young workers as well as our staff in Winnipeg.

Together, we work to ensure that our members in the region are well represented by trained activists from meetings with the employer at regional and local tables as well as individually. We work within the Public Service Alliance of Canada and with other labour organizations to support our membership, the labour movement and other social justice causes.

Chris Gardiner
National Vice President

CEIU Manitoba Saskatchewan


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