Mandatory Vaccination of Federal Employees

We’ve been receiving many questions from our members. You may find the PSAC statement and answers to frequently asked questions on the PSAC web site: Your rights at work: Vaccinations and COVID-19

Your union leadership has heard the concerns of our members regarding the announcements by the Government of Canada of the mandatory vaccination of federal employees.

CEIU stands with PSAC in support of the measures to increase vaccination rates, including vaccination requirements for federal public service workers to protect our members, their colleagues, and our communities.

CEIU remains committed to our members at ESDC, IRB and IRCC. CEIU will work to ensure that the legal rights and privacy of our members are protected. And that the employer provides the necessary accommodations for workers who cannot be vaccinated for reasons protected under human rights legislation, including health concerns.

CEIU will continue to represent unvaccinated members who have punitive actions taken against them as a result of their vaccination status. CEIU encourages unvaccinated members to address their individual concerns with their managers and to seek measures to alleviate punitive actions. Assistance from your local shop stewards may be sought to address punitive action.

We encourage you to speak to your local executive and to stay informed by visiting the PSAC website for further updates on the PSAC website at
In solidarity, The CEIU National Office