National Executive meetings and Reports of the NVPs

At the October 2017 National Executive (NE) meeting, a decision was made that the minutes of each National Executive meeting should be available to our membership.

As a greening initiative, instead of sending out hard copies of the NE minutes to each local, CEIU has since been providing access to those minutes on our website to all CEIU Local Executives.  The necessary password to access the minutes has been provided to the Local Presidents. The October 2018 minutes have just been posted on the CEIU website.  Should you, as a member of CEIU, wish to read or view these minutes or the previous minutes of the National Executive meetings, please contact a member of your Local Executive.

The National Executive has a minimum of two (2) face-to-face meetings per year, one held in the Spring and the other one in the Fall, usually in March-April and September-October.  Conference calls are sometime scheduled between these meetings.

CEIU will provide a summary of the meeting after each National Executive meeting which we will post on our website.  This will provide the members with a summary of the work being done by their Union Leadership. We will also be posting the following reports after each NE meetings:

Report of the National President

Report of the National Executive Vice-President

So that members are aware of the work of their respective National Vice-Presidents, the NVP Reports received will also be posted.   The following Reports from the October 2018 NE meeting are available should you wish to read one or more of them by clicking on the  list below:

NVP for BC/YT – Vanessa Miller

NVP for Alberta/NWT/Nunavut – no report from Michelle Henderson

NVP for Manitoba/Saskatchewan – Dwight McLeod

NVP for Ontario – Nicole Ma

NVP for Ontario – Angelo Mele

NVP for NCR – Jacques Perrin

NVP for Quebec – no report from Fabienne Jean-François

NVP for Quebec – Lyne Cartier

NVP for Newfoundland-Labrador/Nova Scotia – Debbie Morris

NVP for New-Brunswick/PEI – Rhonda Rumson

NVP for IRCC – Paul Croes

NVP for IRB – no report from Marco Angeli

NVP for Human Rights – Sebastian Rodrigues

NVP for Women’s Issues – Western Region – Lynda MacLellan

NVP for Women’s Issues – Eastern Region – no report from Jodi MacPherson

Your CEIU National Executive is hard at work for each of its members.  Don’t hesitate to contact your respective National Executive Vice-President(s) and/or your Regional Union Office.