The CEIU National Executive met for their Spring meeting, from March 17th to 20th, 2021.  As they have been doing since March of last year, once again this meeting was held virtually.   Even virtually, the National Executive has dealt with number of issues and adopted number of recommendations made by the Finance Committee and the By-Laws Resolutions Committee.


Below is a summary of decisions made last week by your National Executive:


  • Approved the NE minutes of January 14-15, 2021
  • Approved the February 22, 2021 NE minutes
  • Approved the March 2, 2021 NE minutes


Should you wish to view the above-mentioned minutes, these are available on our website under ‘Meetings’.  Just remember, you will need a password to access those minutes.  Check with a member of your Local Executive to get the password.  If you want to see how your NVP voted on one or more of the recommendations, they are also available under ‘Minutes’


  • The 2020 Financial Statement were approved
  • The budget prepared by the Finance Committee for 2022 and 2023 was approved by the NE and will be forwarded to the Finance Resolutions Committee to deal with for the 2021 CEIU Convention
  • The ‘Financial Guidelines’ were updated
  • The merger of Local 80225 to 80216 was approved
  • A CEIU training will be developed in house on ways to chair a conference or meeting, as well as training on the Rules of Order
  • Policy 12 – Complaints was adopted
  • CEIU Policy 3 – Administrative Investigations was updated
  • CEIU Policy 30 – Duty to Accommodate was updated
  • CEIU Regulation 11 – the Regulation governing the Award of Life Membership was updated to included retired CEIU members in good standing
  • A new Life Membership was awarded to Sister Yolande Dostie


The National Executive will be meeting shortly to deal with the unfinished agenda items from its Spring 2021 NE agenda. 


Below you will find the Reports that have been received which can be read by clicking on each of the individual report