The first meeting of the CEIU National Executive for the 2023-2026 cycle was held in-person at the Delta Ottawa Hotel, from October 11th to 15th, 2023. 


The National Executive reviewed the CEIU National By-Laws, Regulations, Policies and Financial Guidelines on October 11th and both the Finance Committee and the By-Laws Committee held their separate meetings on October 12th.


From October 13th to 15th, the National Executive approved a number of recommendations from the By-Laws and Finance Committees’ reports, as follows:


  • To increase the advertising and donation line item by $10,000 per region
  • To increase the insurance and bonding line item to $130,000 to cover the cost of the bank charges
  • To maintain the NVP budgets as is presently in the budget – this will be reviewed at the second meeting in 2024.
  • That Policy 14, 27 and 28 be reviewed by the By-Laws Committee for recommendations from them to the NE at the next NE meeting.
  • That the unused training allocation monies be carried over to the next budget cycle for all the regions
  • That both Regulation 28 and 29 be changed to reflect that both of the committees (By-Laws and Finance) would now meet three times per cycle, instead of 2 times per cycle.
  • That a new Nominations and Elections Chairperson be selected/elected for the next three-year term
  • That the NE select/elect an Alternate Nominations and Elections Chairperson
  • That parts of Policy 31 – Scholarship be changed
  • That the NVP for HR, one NVP for Women’s Priorities and one regional NVP be assign the task of reviewing the applications received for CEIU scholarships going forward


Rubina Boucher, the NVP for Human Rights, was sworn in by the National Office and signed her Oath of Office. All the other NVPs and some of the Alternate NVPs had already been sworn in and signed their Oath of Office at the CEIU National Convention back in September 2023.

The National Executive also reviewed the Unfinished Business of Convention and made the following decisions:


Resolution A-47:           Full Time release of NVPs – TABLED

Resolution A-28:          CEIU National Health and Safety Conference – ADOPTED

Resolution A-13:           By-Law 11 – TABLED

Resolution A-53:           National HRRR Conference – ADOPTED

Resolution A-62:           NVP for Women – TABLED

Resolution A-23:          CEIU By-Law 15 – name change for HRRR – TABLED

Resolution A-25:          By-Law 15 – name change – non-binary - TABLED

Resolution A-30A:        National Young Workers’ Conference – ADOPTED

Resolution A-48:          Mission Statement – TABLED

Resolution A-24:          By-Law 15 – name change for NVP for HR – TABLED

Resolution A-2:             Addition of a Racialized Committee – TABLED

Resolution A-6A:          Alternate NVP for Women’s Issues – ADOPTED

Resolution A-10:          Scheduling of National Union Events – ADOPTED

Resolution A-11:          Branding of Scholarships – ADOPTED

Resolution A-17:          By-Law 14 – NVP for HR – TABLED

Resolution A-18:          By-Law 14 – Authority – TABLED

Resolution A-19:          By-Law 14 – sub-section 14.4 (k) – TABLED

Resolution A-20:          By-Law 14 – A/NVP – TABLED

Resolution A-21:          By-Law 14, sub-section 14.8 & 14.10 – TABLED

Resolution A-26:          By-Law 15 – Amendment to the Committee’s composition – TABLED

Resolution A-46:          Length of the NE meetings – ADOPTED

Resolution A-49A:       Use of Employer Resources for elections – DEFEATED

Resolution A-59A:        National Women’s Committee – ADOPTED

Resolution A-69A:        Regional Equity Seats – ADOPTED

Resolution A-71:          By-Law 11 – New sub-section 11.9.8 – TABLED

Resolution A-73:          Use of Electronic Networks for Union Business – ADOPTED

Resolution B-16:          Family Care Costs – ADOPTED

Resolution B-11:          HRRR Training Funds – ADOPTED

Resolution B-9:             Honoraria for Regional & national levels– ADOPTED

Resolution B-7A:          Honoraria at regional & national levels – ADOPTED

Resolution B-13:          Regional Finance Review – DEFEATED

Resolution C-1:            Accessibility – ADOPTED

Resolution C-7A:          Cyberbullying – DEFEATED

Resolution C-9A:          Elimination of the Pink Tax – ADOPTED

Resolution C-11:          Equity audit of CEIU structure – ADOPTED

Resolution C-12:          Immigration and Refugee Consultation – ADOPTED

Resolution C-30:          Black Recognition Statement – ADOPTED


The National Executive TABLED some of the resolutions above, as these would have been changes to the By-Laws, which can only be done by the delegates attending the CEIU Convention.


The National Executive motioned to ADOPT the recommendations of non-concurrence of the three (3) Convention Resolutions Committees (By-Laws, Finance, General/PSAC).


As per the CEIU By-Laws, the National President, the NEVP and all the NVPs must produce a written report of their activities at each National Executive meeting.  Unfortunately, the NE did not have the time to finish its agenda, and therefore the NVP reports have not been approved.  Those will be shared after the Zoom conference call that will be scheduled shortly for the NE to finish its agenda items.


The following reports, which were received and adopted, can be read by clicking on them below:



The National Executive also voted on the fifteen recipients of the 2023 CEIU National Scholarships that would be awarded each a $5,000 scholarship.  The funds for these scholarships come from the royalties received from The Personal Insurance and the Bank of Montreal when our members do business with them. 


Further discussions on the upcoming 2024 PSAC Convention and the CEIU website were also part of the NE’s agenda, as well as the upcoming 2023 CEIU National Bargaining Conference which will be held in November 2023 in Montreal, Quebec.


A motion was also adopted by the National Executive to have 1,000 books of the PA Collective Agreement printed so that these can be distributed to our local executives.


The next meeting of the National Executive will be held in Ottawa from March 11th to 15th, 2024.


The National President, NEVP and the National Vice-Presidents can be reached by e-mail. Their contact information can be found here.

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